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There's More To Eat

Made with cassava flour, Other Foods makes grain free baking a piece of cake

The familiar comfort of bread, baked goods and pancakes without gluten, grains, corn, gums, potato or soy. It’s easy with Other Foods Baking Mix and basics from your kitchen.

Hero Ingredient: Sustainable, Resilient Cassava

First cultivated by the Maya over 1400 years ago, cassava can be an essential component of our food future. While producing a single almond uses over a gallon of water, cassava requires little irrigation and can tolerate extended periods of drought, even when grown in marginal soils. The cassava crop today produces the highest yield of food energy of any cultivated crop—much more than corn or rice, over twice as much as wheat—and feeds over half a billion people. With climate change and water shortages upon us, baking delicious bread and goodies with cassava flour is more appealing than ever. 

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Intentional Ingredients

We are super strict about what goes into our baking mixes. You will never find: grains, gluten, corn, soy, gums, nightshades, or dairy in our products, and in a grain-free market dominated by almond flour, we even offer 6 almond free mixes!

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Celebrate Real Food

Whole food ingredients like coconut flour & coconut sugar, almond, flax and cassava flour make delicious, stunningly familiar baked treats suitable for anyone who is wanting to avoid gluten & grains. Cassava flour is a whole food, made from a root vegetable, and a good source of resistant starch. Unlike rice and nut flours, it delivers the familiar baked texture of wheat without added gums or starch.

Who We Are

I started Other Foods in 2017, hoping to offer the comfort of bread and baked treats to folks like me with food sensitivities. We love to play in the kitchen using alternative ingredients for traditional recipes. Having given up gluten and grains ourselves, we know first hand what it is like.

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Other Foods, there’s more to eat.