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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can’t eat eggs, can I use an egg substitute in your baking mixes

    Unfortunately, I have yet to find an egg substitute that produces good results. Eggs help to form the structure of the baked goods when using cassava flour and so are still needed. But stay tuned - I am working on new products that will not rely on eggs!

  • Does your manufacturing facility also make products with allergens and have a risk of contamination?

    All allergens are stated on the bag, and there is no risk of allergen contamination at our facility. Our facility uses the Eurofins Food Assurance organization and meets the SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing. SQF is a food safety management system and requires that a HACCP program is used. HACCP is a process of identifying potential food safety hazards for your ingredients and process steps and identifying appropriate controls.

  • Why is my bread not rising?

    Did you forget the vinegar or lemon juice? The Almond and Sandwich Bread Mixes need vinegar (or lemon juice) to activate the baking soda and help the bread rise. Without it, the result will be a small dense loaf.

  • Why is my Brownie Cake dry and crumbly?

    Likely baked too long. This mix is better under baked than over baked. Every oven is different so for the best results, remove from oven as soon as you see the edges start to pull away form the sides of the pan.

  • Can I use the mix to make other things?

    I’m so glad you asked! Check out our recipes page for some great ideas!

  • What kind of oil should I use?

    You can use any oil you have or like to use, but keep in mind the type of oil will affect the flavor of your final baked treat. I have had success with olive, avocado and coconut oils as well as butter.

  • How long does the final baked product keep?

    Our Almond and Sandwich breads will keep at room temperature for 1-2 days and up to 7 days when stored in the fridge. The rest of our goodies can keep can keep longer at room temperature, that is, if you don’t finish them first.

  • Can I use a bread machine?

    No need! Our breads are “quick breads”, so simply mix your ingredients, add the mix, and pop in the oven. Easy-Peasy!

  • Does the product freeze well?

    Yes, I love to have a freezer full of comfort-ready treats waiting for me.